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Autistic Women Emerging with Nigel Rising | The Neurodiverging Podcast

autistic women emerging founder nigel rising

This week, I’m talking to Nigel Rising, founder of Autistic Women Emerging and organizer of the upcoming conference AutisticaPalooza!

We had a great conversation about isolation as late-identified autistic women, and of course I asked a lot of questions about the upcoming conference. I’ll be there presenting two sessions, on a couple of the panels, and just wandering around chatting with folks, so let me know if you plan to attend!

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Show Notes:

Guest Bio: Nigel Rising, Esq.

nigel rising autistic women emerging

Nigel Rising is the founder and director of Autistic Women Emerging (“AWE”), a 501(c)(3) public charity and the organizer of AutisticaPalooza, an upcoming conference for autistic women. Their mission is to facilitate activities that will reduce the suicide rate of Autistic women. Their approach is two-fold: to organize events that create a sense of belonging among Autistic women and help us improve our quality of life, and to provide Autism-specific and Autistic lived-experience training and education to the mental health providers that serve them.

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