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From Defeated to Inspired: Group Coaching for Neurodivergent Folks

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From Defeated to Inspired: Group Coaching for Neurodivergent Folks

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(The Winter Session is now closed. Click here to get on the Waitlist for the Spring '23 Session!)

This is an invitation for neurodivergent women and folks from traditionally disadvantaged groups who've been working to understand themselves and their neurodiversity, but are getting sucked into overwhelm when negotiating family, friends, work, and school during the busy holiday season.
Want to drive off burnout and stay grounded in your values instead? We’ll teach you our highly-targeted neurodiversity- and trauma-informed strategies that have already helped 100+ similar clients resolve burnout and reduce future overwhelm.


Danielle Sullivan and Jacqueline Coursey are two certified neurodiversity coaches who will work with you through a 6-week group program on:

  • how internalized ableism, sexism and neurodivergent trauma are contributing to your poor boundaries
  • how to get clear on your own personal values and your ideal daily experience
  • how to use your personal values to start conceptualizing boundaries as a blanket to feel safe in, rather than a fence you constantly have to keep building
  • how to increase interoceptive awareness, moderate emotional reactivity, and support working memory and executive functioning through easy, practical exercises
  • how to use a process of careful discernment when choosing your commitments, rather than being overcome with other people’s stuff


What's included?

You get 1-hour group calls with Danielle and Jackie once a week for 6 weeks, unlimited email access in between, peer support through your cohort, detailed assignments, one sheets for everything, and recordings of each call.


In order to be the best candidate to get results, you should:

  • Be a self- or professionally-identified neurodivergent adult with some idea of the situations that are overwhelming you (even if you’re not sure why exactly you’re getting overwhelmed)
  • Be a woman and/or a member of a traditionally disadvantaged group
  • Be currently working with a therapist, have worked with someone in the recent past, or have done significant personal development work on your own


How to enroll:

The investment for this program is $499 USD, and payment plans and limited scholarships are available . We’ve kept the program inexpensive to make it accessible for people. Similar programs are regularly 3-10x the cost of this one.
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Better boundaries. Less overwhelm. More peace.

Can we help you thrive?

☑️ Are you overcome with obligations and unsure how to navigate them?
☑️ Do you feel like you have trouble meeting your family, friends' and partner's expectations?
☑️ Are you struggling with meltdowns or burnout?
☑️ Is your anxiety around the to-do list through the roof?
☑️ Do you want to be less stressed and more focused on enjoying your life?


You're not alone. You're not broken.
We can help you make a change.


  • Many neurodivergent people struggle to prioritize additional demands on our time and energy.
  • Solution-focused coaching techniques can help support your executive functioning skills to improve prioritizing, planning, and creating personalized systems just for you.
  • Learn how, when, and why to create boundaries, and how to enforce them, to gain more confidence and control over your time and energy.

Add Me to the Waitlist for the Spring '23 Session!



"With your support, I have vastly improved my boundary setting skills and self-awareness at work, which has contributed to much more satisfaction with my overall work experience and has also helped me avoid a period of acute autistic burnout. I know these skills and tools will have benefits in all areas of my life too, now that I’m practicing them at work."
- Milo M., California


Your Coaches:

danielle sullivan neurodivergent women group coachingDanielle Sullivan (she/they) is the owner of Neurodiverging Coaching, as well as a Certified Life Coach, Certified Solution-Focused Coach, Certified Positive Psychology Coach, Certified Transformational Coach, certified Trauma-Informed Specialist, and a graduate and certificate-holder of the Neuroscience Academy, a 34 hour program in applied neuroscience and brain health (2021).

Danielle mostly works with autistic and ADHD adults on developing life skills, communication skills, and emotional intelligence. They are a member of the International Coaching Federation, the Attention Deficit Disorder Association, and the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.


jacqueline coursey neurodivergent women group coachingJacqueline Coursey (she/her) is a Certified Neurodiversity Family Coach and Group Coach, as well as an AANE (Asperger/Autism Network) Certified AsperCoach. She is the owner of Sacred Space Coaching.

As a fellow neurodivergent, Jackie understands how tricky this world can be for us. She battles significant ADHD and empathizes with how real the struggle is. Let’s make inroads together!

Jacqueline's goal is to guide you toward self-understanding, self-acceptance, goal setting, and skill building. Her areas of concentration include:

  • Social Life (Meeting people, attending events, increasing comfort in public)
  • Independence (Daily life, transportation, financial, organization)
  • Time Management and Organizational Skills Practice
  • Insight into Self (Understanding interests, strengths, challenges)

Learn more about Jacqueline and Danielle at the About Us page.


neurodivergent women group coaching

Supporting our community.

As part of our dedication to supporting disability justice and social justice, a portion of proceeds received from From Defeated to Inspired will go toward creating at least 2 partial scholarship spots for neurodivergent folks and families with significant financial need. Thank you for supporting our ability to serve everyone, regardless of their income.

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