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Who are you?
  • If you represent a company, marketing firm, or large medical practice, and your submission is intended to advertise products, services or websites OR if you require a do-follow link, it is considered a sponsored post, will be marked as such, and comes with a $30 fee.
  • If you are an individual practitioner, coach, or similar and and your submission is intended to advertise products, services or websites, OR you require a do-follow link, it is considered a sponsored post, will be marked as such, and comes with a $30 fee. Danielle will occasionally waive these if your post is of high quality.
  • If you are a freelance writer and do not request a specific backlink, we can generally offer a small payment in exchange for for the right to publish your credited article, with higher rates for pieces which are longer, higher-quality, and of significant value to the community.


Before submitting your article for consideration, please review the following guidelines:
  • You may write on any topic within the realm of neurodiversity. We especially appreciate first-person stories from neurodivergent folks and members of mixed neurotype families, as well as articles showcasing new research related to neurodiverse people and book reviews related to neurodiversity.
  • We believe autism, ADHD, and other neurodivergence are normal, natural parts of being human, NOT illness or diseases to be cured. Articles from neurotypical people promoting ways to “cure” autistic people and others will not be accepted. If you are neurodivergent yourself and wish to write an opinion piece regarding “cures,” however, we’d be happy to consider it.
  • Submission of your piece doesn’t guarantee publication. We’ll review your submission, and if we feel it will benefit our readers, we will write back with an offer.
  • Your post must be original and must not have been published anywhere else unless you have clearly notified us otherwise. We may pay less for republished articles.
  • Your post should be at least 1000-1200 words. There is no upper word limit.
  • Please use bullets, lists, and short paragraphs wherever reasonable – it makes reading much easier.
  • We are not the grammar police, but your post must be comprehensible. We will fix a few small errors but will not rewrite your post.
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  • Feel free to include a short bio (50 words or so) at the end of your article with a headshot, a link to your site and your social media handles.

We will generally make an offer via email to you within ~2 weeks if we would like to publish your piece. Once your post is scheduled, we’ll notify you and send you the link.

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