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How to Teach Your Children to Be Charitable

How to Teach Your Children to Be Charitable


Everyone wants their kids to turn out to be great human beings who care for others as well. This also includes teaching them to be kind and generous to others by sharing all their stuff with the less privileged people.

This can certainly begin with encouraging your children about setting aside some share of their pocket money to give for some important causes or raise funds and try to help them to become more socially conscious and positively aspired kids.

Also, as parents, it is your duty to raise compassionate children and develop their sense of empathy so that they can turn out to be an affirmative addition to society and be able to serve mankind when they grow up. To have a better understanding of this, here are some of the ways to teach your children to be more charitable.


Lead with Example

As Anne Wojcicki quotes, “ The reality is that the only way change comes when you lead by example.” This means that one of the first and foremost steps you can take to teach your children more empathy for less privileged human beings is by setting up a good example for your kids.

As it is suggested in many studies that kids are visual beings, they tend to learn a lot about things they witness or see. For this very reason, one of the best ways to teach your kids about giving and sharing is by modeling that kind of behavior in yourself.

You can try out different techniques to fulfill this purpose. You can also simply begin by setting up a small financial aid box that would help you to collect money for the needy people and teach them how you need to share your stuff with others.


Teach Them Kindness

As described earlier, children tend to learn about the charity by the way you depict your behavior about this matter in front of them. This means that positive reinforcement of this thing can actually create a satisfying and sparkly feeling in them every time they give away something for the sole purpose of humanity.

There are several pieces of research that depict that giving or sharing promotes a feeling of happiness, especially among young kids. You can certainly leverage this point in encouraging your children to develop positive behavior of giving.

You can also try to make charity fun for them by rewarding them for their kindness the next time they volunteer to give away or share any of their stuff with somebody else. It will automatically develop a positive spirit of giving in them.


Visit a Nursing Home

Just like you, your children can learn better when they get to practically do something in real life and understand its importance. This means that along with verbally teaching them about empathy, you can also develop this habit by letting them practice this in real life.

For this, one of the best things you can do is to take your child to any NGO or a nursing home where they can distribute cards and treats to the people living there and let them enjoy the joy of giving and doing something for others without being selfish or thinking about one’s self.

This can also make a huge impact on your kids just by letting them spend time with the needy and playing games with the nursing home residents. You can also make sure to have frequent visits to this place to let your kids develop more care and empathy for others.


Create a Giving Jar

When it comes to the growing years of your children, little things and small positive habits can create a huge impact on their lives and behavioral development. So, to make things even better and let them learn about charity, you can begin with minimal yet impactful habits.

For this, you can try to set up a giving jar in your home where you invest money for the poor regardless of your financial status. This way, your children will get to learn the importance of financial aid for the poor and the needy and develop a positive habit of giving even in the early years of their childhood.


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