Mindful Living LLC and Neurodiverging Coaching are proud to introduce the Neuro-Affirming Care Certification for Coaches and Healthcare Providers.

Conceived of and created by Dr. Rabia Subhani, neuroscientist and Heartfulness™ Coach, and Danielle Sullivan, certified positive psychology and neurodiversity coach, this program was created to fill a gap that we saw in both the life coaching and healthcare fields.

There is a dire need in our world for awareness of the neurodivergent-affirming paradigm and what it means for neurodivergent individuals. The lack of inclusivity and accommodations due to ignorance and denial are astounding. We hope to educate and inform providers in these fields about what the neurodiversity paradigm is and how to incorporate neuro-affirming practices to be as inclusive as possible.

Whether you're a healthcare professional, life coach, or an ally, this certification will empower you to create safe spaces that celebrate and support individuals of ALL neurotypes.

Get ready to embark on a path of learning, compassion, and positive change. Your commitment to neuro-affirming care is a powerful force for creating a more inclusive and compassionate world. Join us!

What to Expect
  • The program is designed to be completed in 8 weeks or so. There are 7 days in between modules with an extra integration week built in after modules 1, 3, and 5.

  • Modules will be dripped (meaning they become available at certain times). This way you have time to really process, integrate, and implement each teaching without feeling pressured to finish quickly.

  • The modules are short and sweet, with most sections averaging 15 minutes. Our goal was to not have “fluffer” content but concise nuggets of easily consumable information.

  • There will be audio and video versions of each lesson, with a PDF of references at the bottom of each section.

  • Access to the Facebook group and bonuses will be unlocked 14 days after you begin the program.

  • After you finish all modules, you will receive a downloadable workbook with info on all the modules. There is also a quiz to get your official Certificate. In order to earn your NML Neuro-Affirming Certification, you must score at least 70% on the quiz but you are able to retake the quiz as often as needed.

About Your Leaders:

rabia subhani Neuro-Affirming Care Certification for Coaches and Healthcare ProvidersRabia Subhani (she, hers) is a neurodivergent neuropsychologist, spiritual mentor, and an entrepreneur. Her platform, Quantum Qun, offers spiritually-based life coaching & pre-recorded programs geared towards NDs. Her psychology services are available at drrabia.


danielle sullivan

Danielle Sullivan (she/they) is a late-identified autistic and multiply-certified life coach. She specializes in centering positive psychology, trauma-informed learning, and neuroscience through their practice at Neurodiverging Coaching.

Questions? Email us at contact@neurodiverging.com.