Looking for an evidence-based, neurodiversity-affirming, welcoming neurodivergent parenting class? You’ve found your people.

neurodivergent parenting class

Join this comprehensive, 12-week neurodivergent parenting class to learn democratic, collaborative parenting techniques from an autistic parenting educator, and get your family back on the same team.

You deserve to have a family dynamic built on communication, trust, and teamwork, where everyone gets what they need.

Collaborative Parenting for Neurodivergent Families

Are you struggling to stop the yelling, bribing, arguments, and meltdowns?

Do you need neurodivergent-affirming ways to connect and communicate with your family to bring back the love and respect?

Collaborative Families is a 12-week parenting and group coaching program from Neurodiverging founder (and autistic parent!) Danielle Sullivan. It’s designed to:

  • teach you practical, usable parenting skills to help you and your kids understand each other
  • teach you how to stay calm and regulated so that you can support your kids
  • help you create connection to reduce “challenging” behaviors like yelling, whining, physical outbursts, school refusal, lying, or avoidance
  • help you understand how ableism and neurodivergent trauma are affecting you and your kids

We’ll pay specific attention to how ADHD, autism, alexithymia, oppositional defiance disorder*, pathological demand avoidance*, anxiety disorder, executive dysfunction, past traumatic experiences, and communication differences change the ways we need to parent.

(* I really dislike many of these terms personally, and know many of you do as well. I’ve listed them here as they are most commonly diagnosed so we can all be clear on what we’re talking about, but we’ll be breaking down common stereotypes about these terms together in the course.)

In order to be the best candidate to get results, you should:

    • Be currently working with a therapist, have worked with someone in the recent past, or have done significant personal development work on your own
    • Have checked in with your child’s medical and/or mental health practitioner to rule out any significant medical issues that may need treatment before we try parenting interventions
    • Be willing to make changes in your parenting style, approach and framework, and to try new things

Our next cohort begins on April 17th. We meet alternating Wednesdays at 4-5:30PM MDT.

Registration for the April cohort closes on Weds, April 10th, or whenever the program is full.

Enroll your family with one payment of $497 USD.

Collaborative Families Syllabus

Week 1-2: Introduction to Program and Cohort
+ Getting to know one another and the program
+ Setting initial goals and expectations
+ What are the prerequisites for collaboration in the family?

Week 3-4: Behavior Roots and How We Learn
+ Identifying executive function challenges
+ Identifying skills gaps (based on Dr. Ross Greene’s work)
+ Supporting positive energy exchange (based on Howard Glasser’s work)

Week 4-6: Creating Connection
+ Intro to neurodivergent trauma
+ Dysregulation, regulation, and emotional connection
+ Steps to create regulation for you and your family

Week 6-8: Handling Emotional Overwhelm
+ What’s going on with tantrums, shutdowns, meltdowns, and other emotional outbursts?
+ How do we handle them in the moment?
+ How do we reduce them in the long-term?

Week 8-10: Bringing It All Together
+ Making a value-driven parenting plan
+ Creating safe spaces in the family

Week 10-12: Catch Up and Q&A Session
+ Revisit any information from the course
+ Bring all your questions about moving forward
+ Time for reflection on your goals and expectations

 About Your Coach

danielle sullivanDanielle Sullivan (she/they) is an autistic parent of neurodivergent children, owner of Neurodiverging Coaching, as well as a Parent Coach, Certified Solution-Focused Coach, Certified Positive Psychology Coach, Certified Transformational Coach, certified Trauma-Informed Specialist, and a graduate and certificate-holder of the Neuroscience Academy, a 34 hour program in applied neuroscience and brain health (2021).

Danielle works with autistic and ADHD parents to support them in developing life skills, communication skills, and emotional intelligence within their entire families. They are a member of the International Coaching Federation, the Attention Deficit Disorder Association, and the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.

Get in touch with them at contact@neurodiverging.com.

 Supporting our community.

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As part of our dedication to supporting disability justice and social justice, a portion of proceeds received from Collaborative Families will go toward creating at least 2 partial scholarship spots for neurodivergent folks and families with significant financial need to enroll in the program. Thank you for supporting our ability to serve everyone, regardless of their income