Looking for a way to level up your self-development skills? Neurodiverging’s got you covered! Designed by an autistic educator for other neurodivergent people, our courses will walk you through the information you need to conquer some of the most common challenges folks enter coaching for, all for less than the cost of a 1:1 session. Join us today!

Summer Success Planning Workshop: $39

Learn how to clarify your vision, energy, and gates to start creating a summer that energizes and eases you, instead of wearing you thin. (Available for a limited time only.)
Learn more about the Summer Success Planning Workshop here.


Get Yourself Together Executive Function Bootcamp: $89

A 5-Day Program Carefully Designed to Help You Conquer Your Executive Function Humps. Learn more about the Get Yourself Together Bootcamp here.


Breathe Anxiety Away: Self-Paced Course – $79

Regulation of the nervous system is the first step to reducing the effects of trauma, burnout, and overwhelm most neurodivergent people are facing.

Discover how the science of breath can help you reduce stress and anxiety and increase regulation and wellbeing. Add coping skills to your toolbox before you need them.

Learn more about Breathe Anxiety Away here.


Get It Out of Your Head: Self-Paced Course – $79

Get It Out of Your Head is a comprehensive resource to teach you how to use visual aids to support your executive functioning skills.
  • Learn what executive function is and isn’t
  • Create personalized visual aids for your home, work, school, or family life
  • Dive deep into 4 styles with strategies and examples for each
  • Includes an in-depth workbook and journaling exercises
  • Get more done with less stress
Learn more about Get It Out of Your Head here.


How Alexithymia Affects Relationships: Self-Paced Course – $79

It’s believed that up to HALF of all autistic people struggle with alexithymia. Learn more about this misunderstood set of traits and how to work with them to create strong friendships and relationships that will last.

Learn more about How Alexithymia Affects Relationships here.