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Today, we’re interviewing Jake Maxwell, a neurodivergent DJ active in the kink community, who’s working to make night club and kink spaces friendly for neurodivergent people. Jake co-created LOBO (Lights Out, Barks Out), a monthly event held for the kink community with a focus on welcoming everyone, as a way to encourage people to break free from societal expectations and create a space to be themselves.

In today’s interview, we’re covering:

  • what strategies actually work to make busy events accessible for neurodivergent people
  • the challenges of ensuring consent in the kink space, especially for neurodivergent individuals
  • why we think there’s so much overlap among the autistic community and the kink community

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Show Notes:

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Transcript of Episode 67: Neurodiversity in the Kink Community with Jake Maxwell

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