Danielle Sullivan (she/they) is the queer autistic owner of Neurodiverging Coaching, host of the Neurodiverging Podcast, a multiply-certified coach and trauma-informed educator using positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and solution-focused coaching methods.
She is available for interviews, podcasts, panels, and other events, as well as for neurodiversity consulting and training for businesses and schools.
Learn more about Danielle here, download their One Sheet, or see her entry on Speaking in Neurodivergent.

The SJ Childs Show (October 2023)
Episode 225 – Autism, ADHD, and Adult Life
This episode covers finding community and acceptance, autism presentation in females, parenting in a neurodiverse family, and neurodivergent advocacy.

ADHD Rewired (October 2023)
507 – Neurodiverging, Masking, Burnout, and More

In this episode, you’ll hear about communication nuances  and unpacking the challenges and adaptability for people with both ADHD  and autism across different social contexts, managing the home,  exploring home dynamics and practices for managing a neurodiverse  household, and the importance of non-judgmental regulation.

Then, you’ll hear discussions about advocacy, ableism,  confronting ableism, burnout and understanding burnout with sensory  overload, burnout strategies and prevention, and explorations with  technology and ADHD.

Rad Mom Radio (September 2023)
Autism Diagnosis in Adulthood; Learning How to Love Your Amazingly-Autistic Self, with Danielle Sullivan
I was so excited to talk to Natalie over at @radmomradio recently about how my adult autism identification changed my life for the better. Have a listen!⠀

Atypical Parenting (August 2023)
#204 Unconventional; A conversation on autistic adults raising autistic kids with Danielle Sullivan
The Atypical Parenting podcast is a resource for parents and loved ones of individuals of all ages who are autistic. Hosted by psychiatric nurse practitioner, and mother of an adult autistic son, Dawn Tree, the podcast offers information, support, and encouragement. Join the conversation as Dawn and Danielle discuss parenting issues in the autistic community. We’d love your feedback on Instagram @Atypical_Parenting

The ADHD Skills Lab (June 2023)
ADHD, Autism and Neurodivergent Parenting with Danielle Sullivan
Sarah and Skye chat with Danielle about her experiences with Autism, the differences between a combined diagnosis and a single ADHD diagnosis and how to regulate with neurodiverse children when you are overwhelmed yourself!

Porch (March, 2023)
“How to Build a Sensory Room at Home, Tips from the Experts”
by Rocio Espinoza

I’m happy to be featured in this fantastic piece on what a sensory room is and how to create one in your home.


Parenting Impossible Podcast (March, 2023)
Parenting Techniques for Neurodivergent Families
In this episode as we celebrate Women’s History Month in March, Host Annette Hines and Danielle shared collaborative and gentle parenting techniques for neurodivergent families.


KQED News (January, 2023)
‘Significant Overlap’: Researchers Work to Understand Connection Between Autism and Gender Fluidity by Lesley McClurg

I’m honored to comment in this piece on gender diversity within the autism spectrum from my own experience as an agender person.


Let’s Have This Conversation (January, 2023)
Giving A Voice to Neurodivergent Individuals & Families Worldwide with Danielle Sullivan

Increasingly, many people in the U.S. and around the world identify as neurodivergent. Research suggests that up to 15-20% of the U.S. population is neurodivergent, according to Employer Assistance Resource Network for Inclusion and Diversity. You likely know, work with and socialize with a significant number of people who are neurodivergent, including family members, coworkers, colleagues and friends. No two neurodivergent people are exactly alike. Thus, each neurodivergent person will bring a different set of skills and talents to the workplace and have different access and support needs. Danielle Sullivan is an autistic neurodiversity life coach, parent coach, and parent of two neurodivergent kids living in Colorado. Danielle works with neurodivergent individuals and families worldwide on their personalized self-development goals.


Joey Pinz Discipline Conversations (December, 2022)
#159 Danielle Sullivan: Neurodiversity and Autism

A fast-paced, information-download of an interview where I share my diagnosis journey, what I think about some common terms used for autistic people, talk about some common myths, and give my advice about how to be a better ally.


The Synapse (November, 2022)
Every Kind of Mind – Life with Autism (Autism-ing) with Danielle Sullivan

I talked with Jenna from The Synapse about why I started the podcast, how that evolved into Neurodiverging Coaching, and why disability advocacy is such an important piece of what we do.


Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino (November, 2022)
Famous Interview Featuring Neurodiversity Life Coach & Autism/Disability Advocate Danielle Sullivan

I had a lovely time talking with Joe about how I feel about the autism label, how neurodivergent people contribute to the world, and what folks can do to be allies.


Tremaine’s Sci Fi Hour (October, 2022)
Interview with Danielle Sullivan

Okay y’all, this was a fun one! Content notes for some swearing, frank discussion or racism, ableism, and sexism. We talk about autism and ADHD stereotypes in books and media, the history of psychiatry in the Western world, and why and how language matters. Leave Tremaine a review on Apple when you’re done listening, please!


Love Shack Live with Staci Bartley (October, 2022)
All About Neurodiversity: Connecting With Neurodiverse Partners

I was recently on episode #103 of the Love Shack Live podcast with Staci Bartley (who’s an integrative couples specialist), her partner Tom, and her daughter Brooke. The episode is called “All About Neurodiversity: Connecting With Neurodiverse Partners.”

I had a blast, and hope the episode will hope some folks who are struggling in their relationships.


Truehope Cast (July, 2022)
What is Neuro-Diversity with Danielle Sullivan

Simon is one of the best interviewers I’ve ever worked with, and we had a fantastic discussion about some of the common struggles disabled and neurodivergent folks have, the stigma associated with neurodiversity, how to support people who you think might be neurodivergent, and much more.



Inside the Aspergers Studio (June, 2022)
Autism and Media

I recently had a chance to sit down with Reid Miles and talk about how autism has been portrayed in media. We cover autistic characters from a variety of recent television shows and movies, and what we can do to encourage more diversity in how autism is portrayed in media.

The Saving Brothers Podcast (June, 2022)
Neurodiversity: a World of Opportunities with Danielle Sullivan

I had a blast talking to Philip of Saving Brothers about all sorts of topics related to neurodiversity and wellbeing. We talk about the impact of blue light, screens and technology on good sleep habits and how “sleep hygiene” is foundational; common myths about neurodiversity; what we can do as a society when it comes to defining what autism and ADHD are; and what ableism means and why it matters.


World Unmasking Day (May, 2022)
What Is Autistic Masking Anyway? -Live

Armelle from @girlswithdyslexia and Chantal from @so.co.lo hosted the first World Unmasking Day on May 25th, and I was honored to be asked to participate. Our mission is to raise awareness about how hard neurodivergent people work to integrate into a neurotypical world.


Mind Your Autistic Brain Blog (April, 2022)
Danielle Sullivan of Neurodiverging Autistic Advocate Spotlight #ShineALight by Carole Jean Whittington

Read a short interview with me as part of Carole Jean’s #ShineALight Autistic Advocate round-up!


Mind Your Autistic Brain (April, 2022)
2022 Autistic Advocate Panel: Insights & Tips for Autistic Self-Advocates

Thrilled to be a part of this incredible, 20-person panel all about self-advocacy for autistic folks. Check out my contribution around 01:40:56:03 if you’re in a rush, but the whole thing is gold.


gentle parenting danielle sullivan neurodiverging

Yahoo News Parenting (April, 2022)
What Is Gentle Parenting? by Kimberly Zapata

What is gentle parenting, and how can you implement gentle parenting in your daily life? Pleased as punch to offer commentary on this fantastic resource from Yahoo News Parenting.


Scary Symptoms (March, 2022)
Two Autistic Women Discuss Why They Avoid Eye Contact

Happy to contribute my experience of eye contact as an autistic person in this article from a fellow autistic writer, Lorra Garrick.



Healthy Post-Natal Body Podcast with Post-Natal expert Peter Lap (March, 2022)
Raising neurodivergent children. Interview with Neurodiversity life-coach (and mother) Danielle Sullivan

Had a chat with the absolutely lovely Peter Lap about what to do if your child gets diagnosed with autism or ADHD, what works and what doesn’t work when parenting neurodivergent kids, and the benefits of having a medical diagnosis.


Good Beer Hunting (February, 2022)
Keeping Neurodiversity in Mind — How Two Groundbreaking Breweries are Making Beer Spaces More Accessible

Wonderful to be included in this incredible long-form article on how breweries (and other hospitality spaces) could improve their sensory experiences for neurodivergent patrons.


Two Mics One Joe Sooch (January, 2022)
Interviewed by Disability Advocate Joe Sooch

Check out this in-depth interview I did with disability advocate Joe Sooch. We cover a wide range of topics including empathy and autism, face-blindness, gender roles and autism, and what’s wrong with current autism assessments.


danielle sullivan cafe mom with autism
Cafemom (November, 2021)
Mom With: What It’s Like To Be a Mom While Living With ADHD, Depression & Autism

I’m honored to be profiled in Caroline Chirichella’s series on mothering with mental illness on Cafemom. Such an important topic that doesn’t get nearly enough discussion!


danielle sullivan emotional intelligence

Mind Your Autistic Brain (October, 2021)
Family Relationships & Emotional Intelligence

I had a great chat with Carole Jean of Mind Your Autistic Brain! We get into how trust is formed, how we create safe spaces for feelings and ALSO create boundaries around behavior, and how all this stuff is different for neurodivergent folks.

Watch us on Youtube here: https://youtu.be/bZQ0GsO0fXA


Autism Parenting Magazine (October, 2021)
Is Autism Diagnosis Meaningless?

Happy to contribute my two cents to this article responding to the “explosion” of autism diagnoses in recent years, discussing when a diagnosis is necessary and how we could make a diagnosis more helpful.


autism autistic parent

Cuida Care Now (October, 2021)
How Autism Affects My Parenting

Danielle’s third talk with Cuida Cares over on Instagram about how how her autism affects her parenting. She covered some common communication differences between autistics and neurotypical folks, how alexithymia and face-blindness can affect autistic kids and parents, and what kind of self care can support parents the most.


NJDDC.org (September, 2021)
How to Differentiate Autism from a Learning Disability

Happy to contribute to this article on how to understand the difference between autism and a learning disability.


cuida logo

Cuida Care Now (August, 2021)
Teaching Emotional Intelligence to Neurodivergent Kids

Danielle’s second talk with Cuida Cares over on Instagram about how to teach emotional intelligence to neurodivergent kids. She covered how to lay the groundwork for emotional intelligence skills, some specific interventions you can use at home for yourself and your kids, and how to navigate those times when everyone in the house is overloaded.


cuida logo

Cuida Care Now (August, 2021)
Raising Two Children with Different Neurodivergences (ADHD & Autism)

Watch Danielle’s live talk on Instagram with Gina Singh, CEO of Cuida, discussing how to raise two kids with two different neurotypes. She offered some tips for how to work with your child ahead of time to build trust, collaboration, and reduce frustrating behaviors.


ChristineMichelCarter.com (August, 2021)
Why Slow Parenting Is a Perfect Way to Reduce Anxiety and Take Back Your Day

Read Danielle’s guest post to learn more about how the hectic schedules of most families today can damage parent-child bonds, and how slow parenting can help.


salon autistic language danielle sullivenSalon (June, 2021)
Being autistic may amount to a language difference — not an impairment

I’m very happy to have contributed to this excellent article on communication and cultural differences between allistics and autistics.

Feedspot (May, 2021)
Top 30 Neurodiversity Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021

Thank you to Feedspot for naming Neurodiverging one of their top 20 neurodiversity-related podcasts for this year!



Earbuds Podcast Collective (April, 2021)
Podcast Recommendations: Autistic Voices In Podcasting

Thank you to Carolyn Kiel, host of the Beyond 6 Seconds podcast, and the Podcast Collective for including the Neurodiverging Podcast as one of their recommended podcasts by autistic people!



gender and⁣ sexuality spectrum in the autism community thriving in the midst of chaos podcastThriving in the Midst of Chaos (March, 2021)
Gender and Sexuality In the Autism Community With Guest Danielle Sullivan

In part 2 of Danielle’s guest appearance on Thriving in the Midst of Chaos, she’s talking about GLBTQ kids in the autism community and what we can do to support them.



 Living With Autism While Parenting Special Needs Children thriving in the midst of chaos podcastThriving in the Midst of Chaos (March, 2021)
Inclusivity for Invisible Disabilities With Guest Danielle Sullivan

Speaking with Jessica about autistic parenting, how to be a neurodiversity ally, auditory processing disorder, creating home systems for yourself, and more!



Tech Republic (February, 2021)
People with autism succeed in IT jobs when companies hire for capabilities not credentials by Veronica Combs

Honored to contribute to this excellent piece on making the job interview process more accessible for autistics



One Simple Question Podcast (February, 2021)
Episode 35: Danielle Sullivan (Are you homeschooling?)

It was such fun to talk about neurodiversity, parenting, and being an autistic adult with Abishek!




Autastic.com (February, 2021)

Autastic kindly discusses one of the podcast episodes in Accessing Therapy When You’re Autistic




Pretty Progressive (December, 2020)

See a couple of my recommendations for Must Read Books On The Women’s Liberation Movement.




howell carnegie Read Woke WednesdaysHowell Carnegie District Library (November, 2020)
Honored to be one of the podcasts recommended in Howell Carnegie District Library’s Read Woke Challenge, for the Diverse Abilities category.


autistic people empathy thumbnailHuman Parts: Medium.com (August, 2020)

Autistic People Don’t Lack Empathy by Danielle Sullivan
Autismo en vivo has kindly translated this article into Spanish here.