Get Things Done With A Body Double: Guide and Workbook


It’s very common for neurodivergent folks to have trouble staying attentive to a task that is not interesting to us. Even when we are trying to focus on the things we have to do, it can be hard to keep on-task.

Some of the most common concerns are issues like:

  • You didn’t plan how to approach the project, so now it’s hard to find a place to start.
  • You didn’t consider how much time the project will take, or have under- or overestimated how long it will take (sometimes drastically!).
  • You got started and then forgot what your goal was.
  • You got started and then got distracted with some other task.
  • You got started and then got frustrated, and weren’t able to talk yourself into persisting with the project.

Having a body double (also known as a shadow or an activity partner) nearby can help with all of these situations.

This workbook may be especially helpful for folks with executive function issues, ADHD, and/or autism, but it is appropriate for anyone who may have trouble getting their tasks accomplished the way they want to.

Want to know if an activity partner can work for you? Check out this guide and workbook to learn how a body double can help you!

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