How Alexithymia Can Affect Your Romantic Relationships (Bundle)


Learn how alexithymia can affect your romantic relationships and what to do about it!

Did you know that up to half of all autistics also have alexithymia?

People with alexithymia have difficulty identifying feelings, trouble telling physical sensations from emotions, and difficulty describing feelings to others people. Does this describe you or your partner? Learn more below…



Join neurodiversity expert, certified positive psychology life coach, and alexithymic Danielle Sullivan for a one-hour recorded seminar and Q&A about alexithymia, dating, and relationships!

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Alexithymia is a difficulty in recognizing and distinguishing between different emotions and bodily sensations, that occurs in something like 10% of the general population, but in perhaps 50% of all autistics and ADHDers. Alexithymia can get in the way of recognizing our own emotions and our partner’s emotions. It can also cause us to have trouble regulating our emotions when we’re upset, and get in the way of communicating well together in our romantic relationships, from dating to marriage.

How to Stop Alexithymia from Affecting Romantic Relationships

In this webinar, I discuss what alexithymia is and how it can affect dating and romantic relationships for autistics, ADHD-ers, and other neurodivergent folks. Plus, I offer detailed, practical tips on what partners can do to support each other.

You’ll learn some practical tips and tricks for improving your relationship right away.

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  • a full Works Cited page for for further reading on this topic
  • a full transcript of the entire webinar
  • an exclusive bonus worksheet with a reflective exercise designed just for those of us with alexithymia

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