What Neurodiverging Accomplished in 2023 (+ Our Most Popular Posts!)

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Why We’re Here

Neurodiverging started in 2020 to help neurodivergent folks find the resources we need to live better lives as individuals, and to further disability awareness and social justice efforts to improve all of our lives as part of the larger world community. Now, we offer sliding scale services based on a mutual aid model, where the people who can pay more support the people who can’t. We support strength-based, evidence-based assessment and skill-building, social and disability justice paradigms, and a commitment to taking care of one another.

In 2023, Neurodiverging Coaching has:

Thank you to all of you – our Patrons, podcast listeners, social media followers, and website visitors. You have made this all possible. Thank you so much for your support this year.

We can’t wait to show you what we have planned in 2024!

New to Neurodiverging?

If you joined us late in the year, here are some things you may have missed!

Our Most Popular Articles of 2023:
1. All About Driving With Autism
2. Neurodivergent masking: What is it, why we do it, and unorthodox advice on how to cope.
3. An ADHD-Friendly Way to Make a Cleaning Routine That Works for You
4. Divergent Grieving: A Story of Neurodivergent Grief
5. From Burnout to Autistic Self-Accommodation as an Adult

Our Most Listened-To Podcast Episodes of 2023:
1. What We Know (So Far) About Autistic Inertia
2. My Experience of Autistic Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder
3. A Neurodiversity Coach’s Top 5 Tips for Better Productivity
4. Autistics Process Environments Differently
5. Playing to Our Strengths as Autistics with CEO Peter Mann


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