Neurodiverging Coaching is an online, sliding scale practice of certified, neurodivergent coaches. We support a worldwide, diverse clientele with issues related to neurodiversity, ADHD, autism, executive functioning, and more for adults and families.

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Neurodiverging is here to help you identify your individual goals and create a specific, personalized plan to live your values. As specialized, certified coaches, we can help you improve your independent living skills, social skills, executive functioning skills, and general well-being. Sometimes you need a neurodivergent coach for your neurodivergent concerns!

Neurodiversity Coaching

  • We enjoy working with people on the autism spectrum, with ADHD, alexithymia, anxiety, HSPs, and those struggling with sensory regulation concerns. As neurodivergent people ourselves, we have a unique understanding of the daily challenges neurodivergent people face, and can work to help support you as you improve your daily life skills for independent living, emotional intelligence, and communication.
  • We love supporting people of all genders and neurotypes who are working to realize their passions and achieve their long-term goals in the midst of all the short-term hustle and bustle of their everyday lives.
  • We offer email, video, and phone consultations to individuals worldwide.

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Neurodiverging Values

  • We believe in strength-based, evidence-based assessment and skill-building. We’ve been trained in several modalities, and use a combination of neuroscience, positive psychology, and solution-oriented paradigms to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.
  • We believe autism, ADHD, and other neurodivergences are neurological differences, not diseases to be cured.
  • We have experience working with sensory processing differences (SPD/SPI), alexithymia, pathological demand avoidance (PDA), oppositional defiance (ODD), social anxiety, learning differences, and executive dysfunction in adults and children, neurodivergent or neurotypical. (And yes, we disagree with a lot of this labeling, but it’s here so Google can help you find us.)
  • We maintain a safe space for LGBTQA+, polyamorous, and ethically non-monogamous/ consensually non-monogamous folks and families.

You’re amazing and have been of such incredible support and help to me. Thank you deeply. The service that you offer and the format in which you offer it is so greatly needed and unique. – MeLisa, California

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“With your support, I have vastly improved my boundary setting skills and self-awareness at work, which has contributed to much more satisfaction with my overall work experience and has also helped me avoid a period of acute autistic burnout. I know these skills and tools will have benefits in all areas of my life too, now that I’m practicing them at work.” – Milo, Washington

Neurodiversity Coaching Packages

Neurodiverging Coaching operates on a sliding scale between $75-$200 per session, with a median cost of $150 per session.

Our sliding scale is not meant as a budgeting tool. Instead, the scale is intended to be a map, inviting each of us to take inventory of our financial resources and look deeper at our levels of privilege. It is a way to challenge the classist and capitalist society we live in and work towards economic justice together. Folks at the top of the scale help us support coaching for folks at the bottom.

Consider paying less on the scale if you:
  • are supporting children or have other dependents
  • have significant debt
  • have medical expenses not covered by insurance
  • receive public assistance
  • have immigration-related expenses
  • are an elder with limited financial support
  • are an unpaid community organizer
  • are a returning citizen who has been denied work due to incarceration history
  • experience discrimination in hiring or pay level
  • are descended from enslaved people, Native American Indians, or other colonized groups
Consider paying more on the scale if you:
  • own the home you live in
  • have investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money
  • travel recreationally
  • have access to family money and resources in times of need
  • work part-time by choice
  • have a relatively high degree of earning power due to level of education (or gender and racial privilege, class background, etc.)
  • Even if you are not currently exercising your earning power, we ask you to recognize this as a choice.

Low-or-No-Fee Spots: We maintain several scholarship spots for clients with significant financial need. You may email us to inquire about being added to our waitlist. We may be open to alternative arrangements like bartering or trade.

Package Options

Purchasing more than one session at a time allows us to save on our credit card processing fees, which allows us to divert more funds into our scholarship fund. For this reason, we offer a small discount for folks who are able to pay for their sessions in bulk. Thank you for your consideration!

Single Session:
$75-$200 USD sliding scale, average $150 
If you’d like a single 50 minute session to talk through a problem or issue you’re stuck on, choose this package. We’ll help you dig into the issue at hand to help you clarify your concerns, goals, and priorities.
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5-Pack: (Offered at a 5% discount from your regular rate)
$356-$950 USD sliding scale, average $715
This package includes an initial introductory session to go through your history, needs, and goals, plus 4 follow-up sessions to support you through at least a month of positive change! If you need support, accountability, and partnership to achieve one small goal, this is the program for you. We’ll develop a unique plan together with detailed steps and clear benchmarks to get you moving confidently toward your dreams!
Includes: Introductory session + 4 live follow-up sessions
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10-Pack: (Offered at a 10% discount from your regular rate)
$675-$1800 USD sliding scale, average $1350
This package includes an initial introductory session to go through your history, needs, and goals, plus 9 follow-up sessions to support you through about 3 months of positive change! If you’re looking for support to develop new habits, organize one or two facets of your life, or for partnership toward one medium goal, this is your package.
Includes: Introductory session + 9 live follow-up sessions
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Patreon Discount: Monthly pledges from our patrons support the Neurodiverging Podcast and allow us to maintain spots for low-income and other sliding scale coaching clients. By pledging at Patreon, your perks could include life coaching benefits like complimentary coaching sessions, additional discounts for you or a friend, and more! Learn more about all tiers of support at the Patreon.

If you have an HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) you may be able to use that for coaching sessions. Please check with your account provider. Coaching is not covered by health insurance.

Coaching Logistics

Coaching sessions are held by phone or virtually via Google Meet, Skype, or Zoom, depending on your preference.

Session recordings are available upon request. You must let us know at the beginning of the session you would like recorded.

How Coaching Works

First, fill out our intake form and return it via email to be matched with one of our highly-qualified neurodivergent coaches based on your specific needs and goals. During your first session, we’ll identify 1-3 goals that you’d like to work on with your coach, agree upon some next steps for you to take in the upcoming weeks, and determine the expected length of our coaching engagement.

As coaches, we’ll listen to your concerns and ask you careful questions to help you clarify your deeper wants, needs, and values. We’ll help you organize your thoughts into concrete goals and create action-steps toward those goals. We’ll also offer homework between sessions to help you keep moving forward on your path, which can often include prompts for deep thought, journaling, meditation, or planning, depending on what works best for you.

We do not direct your path or tell you what to do. We are there to assist you in creating and achieving your goals.

Coaching is goal-oriented and collaborative, and the amount of interaction and support you need is unique to your personality and situation. In most cases, coaching is a long-term commitment of 6 weeks to 6 months or more. When we meet, we can talk together about how we can help you best, and agree on an estimated time-to-goal.

Most folks initially choose to meet once a week, and then reduce to once or twice a month to check in and tweak the plan as needed. How often we meet is up to you. We offer email and text support as-needed between sessions as part of your coaching package.

Once you select your coaching package, payment is due in full at the end of the first coaching session unless we have agreed on other arrangements. We have limited sliding scale and pro bono spots available for clients who are not working or who are on a fixed income; we want coaching to be accessible to as many people as possible. We may be open to alternative arrangements like bartering or trade, etc. Email us!


If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, we request at least 24 hours notice. Please only cancel when truly necessary. Not having done the homework, or not having made progress on your goals is NOT a good reason to cancel! We’re here to help you with your goals, not judge you. If you haven’t made progress, you need to let your coach know so we can work together to develop a new strategy!

Refund Policy

Rarely, despite best efforts and goodwill on both sides, we may not be the right fit for one another. If for any reason you are unhappy with our services, and you have discussed the issue with us first, we will offer a full prorated refund on any unused time you’ve purchased, minus a $30 USD administrative fee. Refunds must be requested within 30 days of your most recent purchase, and may take up to 72 hours to be processed.


All packages expire in full one year after date of purchase. Extensions may be available in some situations, at the owner’s discretion.

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Not Sure Yet?

That’s okay! Starting work with a coach is a big decision and it’s not for everybody. The best way to figure out if we’re a good fit, or if you’re ready for coaching, is to schedule a discovery call. It’s a zero-pressure way for us to meet, for us to hear more about your concerns, and to tell you more about our services, so we can determine if we’re a good fit for each other.

Please see our About page to learn more about all our staff.

If you’d like to learn more about Neurodiverging’s approaches and values, may we recommend the Neurodiverging Podcast? The following episodes are especially helpful for neurodivergent adults:

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