From my neurodivergent family to yours… I’m Danielle Sullivan, an autistic certified neurodiversity life coach, trauma-informed specialist, and neurodiversity parent coach. I’m here to help us all explore the world of neurodivergence. Neurodiverging episodes include stories and lessons from my life, deep dives into the traits and histories of ADHD and autism, and guest experts who talk about issues pertinent to ADHD and autistic folks in society. Welcome to Neurodiverging!

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Ep. 70 / Why Do People Think ADHD Is A Moral Deficiency?{Annotated Replay Coming 6/8}

Ep. 69 / Where Does the Stigma Against ADHD Come From? {Annotated Replay Coming 5/25}

Ep. 68 / What You Need to Know to Advocate for Disability Justice

Ep. 67 / Neurodiversity in the Kink Community

Ep. 66 / Living Life with Dyspraxia with Rosemary Richings

Ep. 65 / 5 Neurodivergent Profiles That Are More Common Than You Thought

Ep. 64 / Our Strengths Are Superpowers with Alexandra Gilbert

Ep. 63 / My Experience of Autistic Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder

Ep. 62 / What We Know (So Far) About Autistic Inertia

Ep. 61 / Why the US Disability System Is Failing with Spencer Bishins

Ep. 60 / ADHD Creativity: How to Parent and Found a Business with Annie Martineau

Ep. 59 / Dissociative Identity Disorder and Colonial Trauma with Tremaine Ake

Ep. 58 / Education for the Gifted, Neurodivergent Child with Sam

Ep. 57 / How Autistics Talk About Autism with Christine M. Condo

Ep. 56 / College for Neurodiverse Learners with Dr. Perry LaRoque

Ep. 55 / Neurodivergent Overwhelm During the Holidays with Jackie Coursey

Ep. 54 / Recovering from Acquired Brain Injury with Dr. Jen Blanchette

Ep. 53 / How to Strengthen Your Memory with Danielle Winton

Ep. 52 / How We Construct Our Worlds: Disability & Fiction with Kathryn Lund

Ep. 51 / Explore in Vulnerability: ADHD at Microsoft with Todd Ellis

Ep. 50 / Autism and Overwhelm at Work with Danielle Sullivan

Ep. 49 / Raising a PDA Child with Low Demand Parenting with Amanda Diekman

Ep. 48 / Building Your Emotional Toolkit with Autistic Therapist Kathy Carter 

Ep. 47 / Irlen Syndrome and Inclusive Design with Chantal Gagnon of Socolo

Ep. 46 / Rupture and Repair: Neurodivergent Trauma and Trust with Danielle Sullivan

Ep. 45 / How to Manage Risky Behavior in Neurodivergent Teens and Youth with Aaron M. Huey

Ep. 44 / What Is Sensory Regulation? with Occupational Therapists Robbie Levy and Ingrid Smith of SensaRooms

Ep. 43 / Late-Identified Inattentive ADHD with Aron Croft of Hidden ADD

Ep. 42 / Preparing Autistic Children for the Workforce with DE&I Expert Kerry D. Rosado

Ep. 41 / ADHD Strategies at Work with Skye Rapson

Ep. 40 / All About Adult Autism Diagnosis

Ep. 39 / Autistic Burnout and Autistic Rest with Carole Jean Whittington

Ep. 38 / Does Homeschooling Perpetuate Classism and Ableism in the School System?

Ep. 37 / Homeschooling Autistic and ADHD Kids: Our Story

Ep. 36 / Developing “Soft Skills” in Neurodivergent Youth with Lindsey Wander

Ep. 35 / Autism, Literacy, and Educational Trauma with Lois Letchford

Ep. 34 / Identifying Feelings: Alexithymia, Emotion and Autism

Ep. 33 / Positive Discipline for Autistic and ADHD Children with Debbie Godfrey

Ep. 32 / How to Get Your Child Support at School with Laura Reber of Progress Parade

Ep. 31 / Kate McNulty’s Love and Asperger’s: Relationships on the Spectrum

Ep. 30 / Polymathy and Neurodivergence with Dustin Miller, PolyInnovator

Ep. 29 / Fighting the Stigma of Mental Illness and Neurodiversity with Dr. Roy Richard Grinker 

Ep. 28 / Slow Processing? Try Slow Parenting!

Ep. 27 / Mindfulness for Neurodiverse Families with Dr. Rabia Subhani

Ep. 26 / ADHD in the Entertainment Industry with Anaïs Lucia

Ep. 25 / Executive Function Tips: Automation & the Activity Partner

Ep. 24 / Auditory Processing Disorder at School with Suzanne DeMallie

Ep. 23 / Interview with Clif Adkins, author of Martian: A Non-Science Fiction Guide for How to Love, Raise, and Possibly Be Someone Not Quite Human

Ep. 22 / Asked & Answered: Should I tell my child about their neurodiversity?

Ep. 21 / Raising Successful Neurodivergent Kids with Sally Willbanks of ND Renegade

Ep. 20 / Asked & Answered: How Do I Find A Therapist as a Neurodivergent Person?

Ep. 19 / Safe Spiritual Spaces for Neurodivergent People with Rev. Catharine Clarenbach

Ep. 18 / I Can’t Recognize My Mother’s Face: On Face Blindness and Autism

Ep. 17 / Sensory Processing Disorder + 3 Tips to Avoid Sensory Overwhelm

Ep. 16 / Autistics Don’t Lack Empathy. (In fact, we’ve got more than enough.)

Ep. 15 / What Does Wellness Mean for Autistics? Talking with Erin Beal About Her Autism Journey.

Ep. 14 / How Can We Take Better Care of Neurodiverse Women? These 3 Interviews Shed Some Light.

Ep. 13 / How to Define Perseveration in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Ep. 12 / How to Make A Family Schedule That Works For Everybody in Your Household

Ep. 11 / A Struggling, Undiagnosed Autistic Girl in the 1990s

Ep. 10 / Why Do People Think ADHD Is A Moral Deficiency?

Ep. 09 / Where Does the Stigma Against ADHD Come From?

Ep. 08 / How ADHD Students of Color Suffer in American Schools

Ep. 07 / Neurodiversity Vs. Disorder? On Autism and ADHD

Ep. 06 / Autistic Special Interest: Secret Strength?

Ep. 05 / Neurodivergent Spoons and Forks: 2 Theories to Explain Autism and Fatigue

Ep. 04 / Echolalia: Why Your Autistic Friend or Child Repeats Everything You Say

Ep. 03 / How to Communicate with Autistic Adults and Children (When You’re Not Autistic) – 4 Powerful Tips

Ep. 02 / How I Was Not Shocked to Learn I Was Autistic As An Adult (In My 30s!)

Ep. 01 / What Is Neurodiversity? Intro to Neurodiverging


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