Neurodiverging Coaching LLC is owned by Danielle Sullivan. We are a business, and we make money by offering high-quality coaching services and the occasional downloadable. However, much of our work is volunteer work.

How We Use Donations

We rely on financial donations and donations of time to support the Neurodiverging Podcast, our educational webinars, our low-cost support groups, and to allow us to offer a sliding scale and scholarship opportunities for low-income coaching clients.

Offer Financial Support

If you’d like to support Neurodiverging, the best way to do so is by becoming a Patron. By making a monthly pledge, however small, you offer us a dependable monthly budget from which to plan.

If a monthly pledge is not a good option for you, we welcome one-time financial donations of any size. Any little bit helps. Here are some options to send us a donation:

If you’d like to support Neurodiverging by donating some of your time, we have options for you! We are always open to support with writing articles, researching, collaborating on educational content, transcribing podcasts, or other administrative tasks.

Additionally, if you need volunteer coaching hours for your coaching certification, and you have experience with neurodiversity, we can pair you with low-income clients who would appreciate your support.

If you would like to get involved, please email us at

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