It can be hard for people with autism to identify our emotions, physical feelings, and needs. We autistics can have a lot more trouble than neurotypical folks telling when we’re feeling hot, cold, itchy, hungry, thirsty, tired etc. I know I certainly do!

So, about 2 years ago, I made myself as checklist. I use it whenever I’m having a problem and I recognize I’m having a problem, but I can’t specifically identify the problem. I can look at my checklist and I say, “Hey are any of these things occurring right now? If so, what’s the intervention to address them?”

My family uses this checklist to help us figure out what we’re feeling, and how we could help ourselves “remove a fork”, that is, feel better! I hope the checklist will help you, too

NEURODIVERGING getting instuck check-in

Download it today and get started.