Upcoming Neurodiversity Events

Neurodiverging Coaching is pleased to offer classes, webinars, affinity groups, and live question and answer sessions as part of our efforts to provide better neurodiversity education opportunities to everybody. See a list of our upcoming events below!

upcoming neurodiversity events

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Recurring Events:

Every Wednesday @ 12-1PM MT – Patron-Only ‘Get Stuff Done’ Accountability Group on Discord (available for $5+/tiers)

Every 2nd Tuesday@ 10-11:30AM MT – Patron-Only Monthly Live Group Coaching with Danielle Sullivan on Discord (available for $12+/tiers)

Every 4th Tuesday @ 10-11AM MT Patron-Only Monthly Neurodivergent Parents Affinity Group on Discord (available for $3+/tiers)

Questions, comments, topic requests for future neurodiversity events? Email us at contact@neurodiverging.com.

(Last Updated 8/30/23)