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Get Stuff Done! Neurodivergent Body Doubling and Accountability Work Group

Your new productivity hack is here.

Having trouble paying attention to boring tasks for long enough to actually finish them? Even when we ADHDers and autistics are trying to focus on the things we have to do, it can be hard to keep motivated.

That’s why we created Neurodiverging’s Get Stuff Done group.

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Join us for body doubling sessions on our private Discord server every Wednesday @12-2PM MT and Thursday @5:30-7:30PM! Let’s get stuff done together.

Join for $5 a month!

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Our Get Stuff Done group uses the well-known (and evidence-based) intervention of body doubling to encourage you to show up, set a goal, and spend an hour getting it done. With group coaching support available and a group of other humans cheering you on, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and make clear forward progress on your goals.

How It Works

  1. Join the Patreon with a free trial.

    Join our Patreon at the $5/month tier to access our body doubling group, held on our Discord Wednesdays from 12-2PM and Thursdays from 5:30-7:30PM MT. You’ll have 7 days to to try out a group and explore the rest of the Patreon. If it’s not a fit for you, cancel easily on Patreon before day 7 and you won’t be charged.  (Email Danielle for scholarship opportunities if needed.)

  2. Show up.

    Once you’re on Patreon, follow the directions to join us on Discord, and we’ll meet you there! You can have video and audio on or off, be active or lurk – it’s completely up to you; we’re a neurodivergent space! Bring the tasks you’ll be working on, a beverage to sip, and a commitment to sitting down and at least looking at the thing with us.

  3. Tell the group (or just your group leader) what you’re working on.

    Saying it out loud to all of us will help motivate you to do it. Plus, we’ll all cheer you on as you make progress, and if you get stuck, you can ask the group for help in chat.

  4. Succeed.

    Committing the time and energy to invest in your priorities will help you feel more engaged, confident, and empowered in your day-to-day life. Get stuff done and get back on track today!


“The Get Stuff Done was super helpful!” – SM, Ohio

It’s pretty amazing what one person can get done in an hour with the right motivation and support. Here are some examples of what group members have already achieved:

  • “I sorted, folded, and put away three huge baskets of laundry that have been sitting for (maybe more than) a month.” – DL, Colorado
  • “I completely revamped my work calendar, set up a new system for my finances, and finally figured out how to put my mortgage on auto-pay, all in one session, yes!” – JX, California
  • “I used the time for journaling and ended up having a huge insight about why I’m stuck on my work project. I really appreciated the opportunity to talk with [Danielle] right there in the group because we were able to immediately make a plan to resolve the issues.” – TS, Connecticut

Are You Ready to Feel Accomplished?

Support our community.

As part of our dedication to supporting disability justice and social justice, all profits received from the Get Stuff Done group meetings go to create and maintain low-or-no-fee scholarship coaching spots for neurodivergent folks and families with significant financial need. Thank you for supporting our ability to serve everyone, regardless of their income.

Neurodivergent Body Doubling

You may have heard of a body double before; this person can also be called an activity partner or a shadow. The activity partner is another person whom you have with you while you perform your task. Body doubles can be hugely helpful for neurodivergent folks who need more support with executive functioning.

There are a lot of different way a body double can help you, either actively or passively, through a difficult project. Here are some of the biggest advantages:

1) Having another person nearby can help you feel less isolated and less bored as you attempt a difficult task.

2) Knowing that someone else there with you can keep you more focused on what you’re meant to be doing, because you have a constant reminder in that person.

3) The body double represents your commitment to achieving your task. Moving off-task would involve justifying that decision to your double, which is often harder than justifying that decision to ourselves.

4) A body double is giving their time to you to help you with your task, so you will be more motivated to complete it.

You can learn more about body doubles and how one can help you here: Body Doubling for Autistic Folks

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