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Parenting Complex Developmental Trauma with Sandi Lerman | The Neurodiverging Podcast

Sandi Lerman  is a certified transformational coach, mindfulness teacher, and somatic practitioner. She’s also the parent of a young adult with significant complex developmental trauma. Today’s she sharing some of what’s she’s learned through her decades of supporting her child’s growth.

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Show Notes:

Guest Bio: Sandi Lerman

Sandi Lerman is the Founder and Program Director of Heart-Strong International (HSI) and the creator of the Heart-Strong Model™ for growth, healing, and transformation in adults and children. HSI provides certification programs and training for heart-centered practitioners and aspiring coaches to build confidence, learn an effective coaching system, and make money doing work they love.

Sandi is a certified transformational coach, mindfulness teacher, and somatic practitioner. A life-long educator, she has over twenty years of teaching experience in K-12, university, and adult education settings. In addition to her training certified transformational coaches, parent coaches, and educational trainers, she has coordinated two state-wide non-profit parenting and community mental health education programs in Indiana.

Sandi is also a former American Sign Language interpreter, speaks Spanish, and has lived and worked as an international educator in both Scotland and Mexico.  Most importantly, she is the proud Mama Bear of Hiro, a young adult adopted at age ten who has overcome extreme challenges resulting from complex developmental trauma.

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